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Jean de Pomereu

'Sans Nom', 2014.

The series ‘Sans Nom’ (Nameless) was taken in the Pridz Bay Region of East Antarctica between 1 am and 4 am, when the air was completely still, and a thin mist descended upon a group of icebergs locked into the winter sea ice. The white landscape blends with its foggy surroundings so that you can almost not tell where the iceberg starts and the sky ends.

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Joffrey is a little douchecanoe, but his death doesn’t bring Ned or Cat or Robb back. His death puts Sansa in the hands of a sexual predator. His death puts Tyrion in jail for a crime he did not commit. His death emotionally traumatizes Cersei.

"He has Jaime’s eyes. Only he had never seen Jaime look so scared. The boy’s only thirteen."

Vengeance isn’t the point of ASOIAF.

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you are arya of winterfell, daughter of the north…

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This long fatigue, will be greater one day 
and the soul will tell the body it does not want to go on 
dragging its mass by the rosy path, 
Where men, content to live, walk on

You will feel beside you, digging briskly,
another sleeper comes to the quiescent town.
I’ll wait until they covered me completly…
And we will talk for an eternity!

Only then you will know why your flesh
did not mature for those profound bones
you had to descend, without tiredness, to sleep.

There will be light in the dark place of fate,
you will know our alliance was written in the stars
and once broken the huge covenant, you had to die…

Death Sonnets II, Gabriela Mistral.

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Everything has changed

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 but in the end as deadly. (requested by anonymous)

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and I just got broken, broken into two

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